Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's been too long.....

....since I have updated this blog! Man I guess all I can say is that we have been busy as usual. But that excuse is getting kinda rusty....;)

So just to catch everybody up:

Kevin and I have been doing fantastic! We have been attending Cathedral of Praise and have been plugging in to their small groups and different ministries! We absolutely love it there! Our souls are being "fed well"! We have been adjusting to raising a puppy, which may I add is no different from raising a newborn with all of the demands this little guy has! But Samuel does fit into our family very well and we love him though he is(for mommy) a LOT of WORK!

Danielle and Rylie came down with some really nasty viral illness last weekend that had us pretty scared. They had fevers that soared over 104 and hit 105.4 on several occasion of a 5 day period. WOW! We went through 3 bottles of Motrin and 2 bottles of Tylenol doing the rotation just to keep the fevers around 102-103. IT was rough! I am very happy that this week has ended along with the fevers! YAY!! So beyond the illness situation the kids are getting so big and full of funny's! Rylie has really wanted to start potty training again. But.....she want to do it on the BIG POTTY!!! She looks soooo cute on it! Rylie has also decided that she likes the word NO! Everything is NO! Even if she want what you asking about, it's NO! She is talking more and we are teaching her sign language for hearing children and that has made a huge difference in the tantrum throwing although I have to admit, she still throws a good one every now and again!

Danielle is currently stable in regards to her BPD. Her meds have been increased and she is tolerating the increase pretty well. She is a much happier little 6 year old and much easier to handle when she is upset. That was the goal, so I say we accomplished it! Horray Danielle! She is doing well in school and we are looking at some summer activities to do while she out of school! But so far we havent had any luck! She want to do Dance! Most places around here are way too much money for what she is going to be learning. So anyways, overall Danielle is awesome!!! Thanks to all who came and helped us celebrate her 6th birthday! We all had a blast!

Well, that all for now! Hope you have enjoyed!

Have a great and Blessed day!
Love Jacki