Sunday, July 11, 2010

watermelon, sand and lots of fun!!

So every week during the summer, when Kevin has a day off from work we go out and have a "family outing"! This particular week it was decided that since we had not been to the beach since summer started, that we would head on out to Folly! I am glad we did because we had a great time!!

We picked up "gumma", Kevins mom and headed towards the beach! We packed a sorta picnic lunch, {if you can call lunchables a picnic??} and all the normal beach stuff but most of all I was excited to see how well Elijah would do as this was his first time at the beach!

The Result: HE LOVED IT! He only cried when he got tired and that was at the end of our afternoon there! We all played in the sand/water, ate watermelon and walked along the beach in search of shells and took a little cat nap! It was fun filled afternoon!

Eli with his watermelon...
Yummm...more mommy!

Danielle in the sand/water...
Rylie getting her sand for the sand castle she built {sadly the water got it as the tide was coming in and we didnt get any pictures of it}

Elijah's first time at the beach! :)

Much love,

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Rolly polly kind of day...

Happy 3rd Birthday Rylie bug! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Since Rolly Pollies is one of Rylies FAVORITE places in the whole world, second to Disney World, we decided that we were going to have her party there this year! Boy, we were glad we did too! We all had so much fun! I think her favorite part may have been.....everything! :) I dont think she stayed in one spot very long at all!