Sunday, July 11, 2010

watermelon, sand and lots of fun!!

So every week during the summer, when Kevin has a day off from work we go out and have a "family outing"! This particular week it was decided that since we had not been to the beach since summer started, that we would head on out to Folly! I am glad we did because we had a great time!!

We picked up "gumma", Kevins mom and headed towards the beach! We packed a sorta picnic lunch, {if you can call lunchables a picnic??} and all the normal beach stuff but most of all I was excited to see how well Elijah would do as this was his first time at the beach!

The Result: HE LOVED IT! He only cried when he got tired and that was at the end of our afternoon there! We all played in the sand/water, ate watermelon and walked along the beach in search of shells and took a little cat nap! It was fun filled afternoon!

Eli with his watermelon...
Yummm...more mommy!

Danielle in the sand/water...
Rylie getting her sand for the sand castle she built {sadly the water got it as the tide was coming in and we didnt get any pictures of it}

Elijah's first time at the beach! :)

Much love,

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