Monday, August 18, 2008


Danielles first day of school!

Well today will be a day we remember for the rest of our lives! Our baby girl is off to kindergarten! After 5 years of growing, learning and nurturing at home with mommy she will start a new chapter in her life. Now we as parents can only pray that she will take what we have taught her and use it while she is at school with her peers.

On a lighter note, the morning went wonderfully. Aside from the "my eyes are still tired" excuse not to get out of bed, Danielle did a wonderful job of getting herself ready. She was never asked to do anything. She just did it! Go Danielle! We of course took those memorable first day of school pictures (which I will post with this) and then we were off to school at 6:55am. Yeah! It's really early....

And off she went. No tears, no mommy please stay, no nothing. Just pure excitment of what this new thing called school would bring to her. And with a beautiful smile and wave we said our first of many good-byes!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Buying a house...the hardest thing we have ever done!

Well first let me say that having our own home has been the best and most rewarding thing we have ever done! But getting here has definitly not been the easiest.....

In March of this year we considered buying a house. We didnt think that it would happen nearly as fast as it did, but it happened. It all happened in a blur of paperwork and a couple of walk out on water and trust God moments! But what a blessing it all has been! We moved in on June 13th. Our friends and family were so awesome! Not only did they help us, they were able to share in the joy of us buying our very first home! One thing that everybody kept asking us was if we were sure that we could do this ( this meaning, buying a house ). WE of course said oh yeah! With loads of enthusiasm we continued on the road and went through the whole process ( and man it is a PROCESS!) We signed the papers and more papers and more papers! With keys in hand we headed home! To our life long dream that we both had realized at the same time. This was our dream come true! The little girl in me was giddy and couldnt wait to start moving!

When we pulled up to our new home with our first load of stuff it hit us! Oh my goodness! This is our house. We actually own this thing! All 4 bedrooms and 2 baths and both yards and all this landscaping!?? We tried not to let the overwhelming feelings of fear and disbelief ruin our first day in our new house but the devil got in and there in our first garage we had our first of many disagreements that day! Man I wish I could take back what I had said to my wonderful husband! Anybody who knows my husband kevin knows that he needs to digest stuff(think about) for a very long time to get used to the idea. We didnt have much time to digest this house before we moved in because pushy Jacki wanted everything in and unpacked within 2 days! Not going to happen! At least thats what Kevin said. But I was determined and it caused many of the disagreements. And now looking back I wish I would have enjoyed the feelings that came with buying a new house. Our fairytale. Our dream come true. All I remember is the disagreements and the tension of the first days! Thank goodness for forgivness! I know that after everything was in and we were settled(for the most part) my awesome loving husband knew that I was grateful for all of his hard work and support. We went to bed 5 nights later with a hug and kiss ...and a truce to the fighting! Praise God!

Our children had many kids meals from fast food(which I am totally against), late bedtimes, inconsistant schedules and lots of T.V. time as well. I was under some strange illusion that my house would always be in perfect condition, and then the reality set in. Dont get me wrong it is clean but definitly not where I want it. I was terrified that my childrens schedule would never return to normal and that we would never have our normal life back. We did eventually and now we are just working on enjoying our dream come true! Thank you God for our dream come true!

until next time,
the OCD mommy