Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

To my family and friends who are 3,000 miles away this Christmas, I miss you! I am terribly homesick this year from some reason. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my new house! I just wish my family was here to enjoy it!

So while you are opening gifts and eating all of the good California tradition foods...please think of me! I know I will be thinking of you! I love you! Have fun and to My little nieces and nephews...

Mariah, Anthony, Ashleigh and Joshua: Auntie misses you too! Check the mail in a few days for some goodies Santa dropped here by accident. Love you!

Have a blessed day and a very Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Merry Christmas early everyone!

Sorry it has been a week since the last update. We have been a little sick and then Kevin and I decided we were going to try to Christmas shop a little late this year for each other! Bad idea....long lines and grouchy people were everywhere! I don't understand for the life of me why people are so grouchy this time of year. I guess if you were separated from you family or recently had lost a loved one it would definitely be hard for you. But other then that why?

Well I had to say a few prayers while out shopping I must say because of the people and how rude some of them were. Even cashiers. One sticks out to me though. A young lady was working at Target ( Our fav store), and she was just really not happy about being there. So I gently said "I just want to thank you for working so hard for people like me who decide to shop last minute and I know from experience that some of them are not so nice when they come through. I hope you have a Happy Holiday season." She smiled and thanked me for appreciating her and what she was doing and I really think that I brightened her day. Again while we were at Home depot getting our tree a lady was out in the freezing cold and the rain in the garden section and she was definitely NOT happy to be there. Once again I said a thank you and it brightened her whole face. I am glad that I could do that for these people. I think that sometimes we forget that some people may be missing their family get-togethers to serve us in the stores extended hours. I until this year have never taken that into consideration because for 3 years I worked in the hospital and every year had to miss Christmas dinner with the family. This year I am treasuring it. And I hope you do too.

Family update time: We are all doing good. We have all come down once again with some sinus stuff but hopefully & prayerfully we will overcome! The girls are super excited about Christmas and we have been reading the Christmas story to them everyday for the last 3 weeks from the Bible which has sparked some very interesting conversations. Not any that we couldn't handle but things that we as adults had never pondered. Kevin and I have been reading the novel "Fireproof" together. We kinda decided that we really needed to reconnect and we have committed to do "The Love Dare" with each other as a gift to one another this Christmas. The book is fabulous. I really wish we would have seen it in the movies! It comes out on 1/27/2009 and we already pre-bought it. I cant wait! We are Fireproofing our marriage!

I will post the Pics from Christmas morning as soon as possible after the present unwrapping happens! Until then Have a blessed and safe Christmas! Love to all!

Love Kevin and Jacki

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The allergy appt!

Today was Rylies big allergy test doctors appointment! I was suprised to find out that she is not allergic to milk. She has had several reactions to it when she eats. The doctor and I were sure that she was until the "Scratch test" came back NEGATIVE. Come to find out she just has a lot of scar tissue on her lungs from when she was in the NICU and then when she caught RSV. I guess she will suppossedly always have issues with wheezing because of it but we are NOT claiming that for her! It was kinda funny when I said that to the doctor though. His face was priceless! I guess he doesnt hear that stuff often....

Anyway, Kevin and I are praying for a healing of her lungs and that the scar tissue will disapate as she gets older. We know that God is bigger then any diagnosis and way smarter and capable of healing her! Rylie herself is a child that is here after the doctors said it would NEVER happen. Guess what? God had different plans! I love how God does that!

Danielle update: She has been having a few bad days lately but who doesnt have those occasionally. The therapy is working but not as fast as we would have hoped. Thats okay we take any progress that comes our way! I came across a blog yesterday that was talking about
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 :

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

I have to say that it touched me. It opened my eyes to a lot of things in our life! I find myself asking why are all of these bad things happening to us?? Why, why, why?? I know I never look at the situation that I am in and say well I know this is a bad thing but what can I learn from it. I simply dont. But after reading this verse and praying about it, I realize that my circumstances shouldnt affect my thankfulness for the things that God teaches me everyday and in every situation. So today I awoke in a better frame of mind and ready to start this day with a clean slate! I am super excited about it too...

Journey with should be fun!

Have a blessed day,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The pictures I promised...a little late. Sorry!

Okay so the last few days have been ridiculous! I have no idea how it is already Friday tomorrow. The kids have been home until today. Danielle has finally decided to go back to school. I think she went originally to appease me but then when I picked her up the teacher said she had a great day! I have to sometimes wonder weather the teacher just tells me what I want to hear or if she tells me the whole truth about Danielle's day! Well I guess right now the more positive things coming my way the better!

Anyway, although Danielle has had 3 rages in the past 3 days and has required restraining on 2 of the three and passed out again on the second time she raged. I wasn't nearly as panicked this time but it was scary. Her medication was raised again about a week ago and we think this is the reason that she passed out again. I just hope that now that her medication has been lowered to the original dose that she wont do that again. Other then that she is doing better. The news we heard is still hard to deal with but we have to keep living. We have been praying through it the best that we can. The new church that we go to has been a saving grace for us. We just need to make ourselves go weather we feel like it or not. Sometimes the depression just gets to us and we are paralyzed by it but I think if we pray through every time and never give into the enemy he will realize that we are not up for his nonsense and that we are protected by the Armor of God!

And now without further a do.....The pictures that were promised over a week ago:

This is right outside our hotel room, and I thought it was so cute that they were sitting there so nice!

Danielle roasting marshmallows for a good old fashioned S'more!

The family minus me at JICP Festival of Lights!

Rylie with her "g-mama"
One of very few pictures where Rylie is actually looking at the camera!

A family pic at the Lights

The big body bubble maker at the Childrens Museum
Rylie loved this huge Lite Brite at the childrens museumTaa-Daaa!

Rylie loved the sand in the archaeological dig exibit

Monday, December 8, 2008

Making progress in counseling

Good evening!

We hope you all had a great weekend! We did! It was great getting out to see the lights on JI. We really did have a great time. Then on Sunday we hung up some more Christmas lights. It really was fun. The only bad thing is that the kids have had yucky noses and coughs for over three weeks now! I have no idea what the problem is! They have both been on antibiotics and the nasties only go away for a short time and then they come back worse! AAGGHHH!

Well, anyway like I said in the previous post we have had some news come up that was very upsetting for us. We are still having a hard time with it. Well actually, I am. It has opened some old wounds that I thought that I had dealt with but I guess I ha vent. I am going to get help for it but right now Danielle is our focus! So we had an appt with another therapist today and we all feel that it will be the best place for the entire family to get support. I just hope that eventually we find out the whole truth and then we can all just move forward. We will see though.

That's all I have for now, but I will post some more tomorrow! I might even upload the pics from Myrtle Beach and the Lights!

Have a blessed night
Much love,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A much needed escape from reality!

Good Morning friends and family! I hope your week was a good one!

As most of you know, we attend therapy a couple of times a week and it helps us a lot. It has brought to light several things that we never knew were bothering Danielle and with those things known we can help her better. With that said, you all should know that something came out in therapy on Thursday that was very upsetting to us. So much so that we had to leave and go to Kevin who was at a training meeting in Georgetown and stay there with him until he was finished. We cant share exactly what it was that came out nor will I give any clues as to what it is. We just ask for your prayers and support as we move through what will be a very difficult time. Once again we will trust that the Lord will deliver us from this pain and give us the peace and understanding that we need to move past this as well.

We have pulled the positive out of the situation, though there wasn't much positive to pullout, but none the less we did. I know if we didn't have the strength given to us by God, we wouldn't have been able to do that. Kevin has been a wonderful father and husband and spiritual leader for us through all of the things we have had to go through so far and now with this new development he needs our prayers to continue to be strong for our family and make the decisions that are necessary for our family. We have prayed together for Gods Will to be done in this situation and that He will be Glorified through it all but somehow we feel like there is something else that we could be praying for. We know that God is so much bigger then anything this earth could throw at us and yet we feel like we are continuously questioning why "HE" is allowing this all to happen to us. We do try to walk in His light. We do live and raise our children according to what He says in the Bible is required of us. He is always challenging us to lean on him more and more with more difficult tasks then the ones before.

We know that there are way worse things that we could have to be dealing with like a terminal illness, the loss of a child, the loss of a parent, homelessness, hunger and many more things. So why do we question the One who only has our best interest in mind? Maybe because we don't what lies ahead. He knows what this situation is preparing us for. If we leave it at that and trust that He knows what is best then will we be giving glory to Him?

I am a baby Christian. I don't claim to know it all or even understand it. In fact there are many things that I don't understand but the one thing that I do know is that the Lord is sovereign and I will take comfort in that...

On a side note: Our trip to Georgetown was a much needed escape. While Kevin was in training I took the kids to Myrtle Beach and we had a great time. I took them to the Childrens Museum. They had a great time. We also went to Target. My kids, especially Danielle, love this store. We could spend hours there and many times we do. After all that we headed back to Georgetown to get daddy and the kids were tuckered out so they slept the whole way back! The Lord knew I needed that. I had some great time with the Lord during that time. When we got back to the hotel we got daddy and headed to his parents house to drop off Danielle and then headed home.

We needed each other and what a comfort it was to be away and with each other. The perfect escape from reality. I must say though that reality was waiting for us when we got home. That was okay though. We were better prepared for it then. Or at least I was. I try not to speak for my Husband unless I know for sure he would agree or that he actually said what I write.

Anyways, we want to thank you all in advance for your thoughts and prayers. Have a blessed day and weekend!

Much love,
Jacki and Kevin

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Daddy the tooth fairy is a girl!"

My precious Danielle finally lost her very first baby tooth today while she was at school! Her teacher said that she did fine. No crying or freaking out or anything! She was just eating her lunch and then she calmly got her teachers attention and said"Um Mrs. Lott, I think my tooth fell out!"

They quickly gathered it up and put it in a ziplock bag and saved it for us. When we picked her up from school Kevin noticed first that she had lost it. And when I saw it I have to admit I almost cried. My baby girl was growing up and had crossed over to childhood. Shes not a toddler anymore!

Anyway, when Danielle got in the car this is what conversation took place:

Danielle: "What does the tooth fairy bring you for your tooth?"

Daddy: " He brings you money."
Danielle: " Daddy...the tooth fairy is a girl and I want jewelry."

Daddy & Mommy: "(laughing hysterically) That's our Danielle!"

Well I think I texted you all with the news so here are the pics from when we got home!
Her first "cheeeese" picture with 1 missing tooth!
A close up(kinda gross) but you can see her big girl tooth really good!

Look mommy, I am holding my own tooth! I think it kinda grossed her out.
The famous tooth...waiting for the tooth fairy to come pick it up!

We hope you enjoy! Have an awesome evening!
Kevin and Jacki

1 big step backwards.....

Well as you can tell by title of my post it's going to be a negative post. So if you don't want to read this one that's fine with me but it will have an update on the family.

In the past few days we have had a huge set back with Danielle. As you all know Danielle was having some really great progress and had not raged in over 4 weeks. It was nice to have some peace in the house. I guess we got too comfortable. On Monday night, Danielle had a really bad rage. She seriously hurt me physically and although I don't think she intended to, emotionally too. I am still in a lot of physical pain but I think the emotional pain is worse. We knew that it was a possibility that she could relapse but not at this severity. She is manic too according to the Doctor and they want to switch medications and add one more. I am really not sure if this is the right time to do this with the holidays.

On a positive note though, Danielle has done a fabulous job going to school. Her anxiety has decreased enough so that she can go without a fight in morning. That is great progress. We wont hold our breath though. Anything can happen.

Rylie update: She is doing well. I think she has already started her " Terrible two's"! That's okay though. At least she's on the right track. I don't know if I could handle another sensory child. She is however going through that separation anxiety stage. Anytime that I leave the room or try to leave her she cries. I guess that is one of the downsides of staying home with your children. I am thinking of putting her in a mother's morning out program 1 day a week for a couple of hours to get her used to it. It does feel good to be missed though.

Kevin and I are doing okay. We heard some news that we aren't yet ready to share on Monday that really has us upset. We will continue to pray for Gods will but it is definitely hard to "digest". Our new church is wonderful! We get "fed well" each time and we know that this is our new church home because God has confirmed it for us in the words of three witnesses. I believe it says that somewhere in the Bible. Right now I am not sure where but I will find it and post later.

Okay, I promised some Thanksgiving weekend pictures so here they are...
Happy birthday daddy!

Rylie's first time eating chocolate fondue...she loved it!

She wasnt happy when we were eating so mommy didnt get to eat much of her dinner!

We decorated our Christmas tree this weekend as well! We had a blast but forgot to take many pictures! :( But we have memories and thats what counts!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend pics!

Hava a blessed day