Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We are expecting our 3rd miracle baby!!!

Yes!!! We have been blessed with baby #3. The start of this pregnancy was a little rocky and we experienced a "Vanishing twin". It could have been a lot harder for us then it was and thankfully we knew that it was a possibility that we could loose one of them. One of the babies was always measuring about 1 1/2 weeks bigger then the other and wasnt even visible on the 1st
ultrasound. Just a gestational sac was visible. But every time we went back something new popped up in the sac and we were getting prepared for what could be happening....TWINS!

I was very ill with morning sickness, super tired and had no energy to do anything. In fact many days I went without showers and was only reminded by my own smell that it was time to hop on in. (I know TMI right??) But as the weeks have passed I have gotten better.I lost 18 lbs from my last appt which only 4 months prior to my first OB appt. We have had about 5 appts now and I am 13wks5 days now. At my 12 week checkup we saw on Ultrasound that the twin did not make it. It was kinda bittersweet for me. The doctor was very supportive and shared that it was very common for this to happen in twin pregnancies but reminded me that it was still a loss and to treat it as such. Kevin and I mourned the loss for a few days and we have completely come to the realization that there is no other place we would want our child then in the arms of our Heavenly Father. What a glorious sight. So we are okay. We are thankful for the health of the other baby who is wildly moving about in my womb and is hysterically funny to watch on the ultrasound machine! It always looks as if it is laughing or dancing...I guess the baby takes after his daddy! :)

On a different note:

We are still enjoying our new church. And we are still getting used to the size even though most times it doesnt seem as big as it really is to us! The people we have met are really great and their marriage ministry ROCKS!

Danielle is going through a rough patch. She hasnt been in school since about mid April and she wont return before then end of the school year. She will attend an Intensive outpatient program at MUSC Childrens Hospital which is supposed to help her manage moods and they also deal with the school part as well. It is an all day program so it will be hard at first but I think she will eventually do great as the newness wears off! Please keep Danielle and our whole family in your prayers as we journey through this difficult time of medication trials, new programs and many many therapy appointments. We thank you all in advance for the prayers we know they have worked in the past with how she has responded to the therapy and medication in the past. Thanks again! :)

Rylie bug: What a character this one is! She is very strong-willed but what can I say she is her mothers daughter! I dont know yet if thats a good or bad thing! I do know that she is very independent and wants nothing to do with being treated like a baby! She loves music and dancing which is right were daddy would want her! Those 2 are a funny scene to watch! She is talking pretty much in full sentences and shes totally in love with ELMO! What! I didnt even know that she knew who that was. We have a couple of books with him in it but never have we watched a cartoon with him in it! I was very surprised! She says she wants a "Happy birthday elmo!" I take it she wants an Elmo birthday party! Other then that she is a normal hyper 2 year old!

Kevin and I are doing good. We are reading a lot of great books and are kinda just learning things that work for us! We have had a lot of hurdles to jump over in the last couple of months so considering all of that I think we are doing great! We pretty much stay busy and when we do have a quiet day we are LAZY! So thats pretty much it for us! Not much of anything else to report! So I will post some recent pics so you can see the babies and then off I go! Enjoy the Pics!

Love jacki