Saturday, May 28, 2011

a quick update

Hello World!

Wow, Im sorry we havent been keeping up but it has been a whirlwind of a month. The sickness in this house has been out of control! But now I think We are finally done!! :) Yay!!!!

Other then being sick we have had some fun and I will try to catch you up!!

Easter was great! Kevin finally had this AWESOME day OFF!! This is the first time in our marriage that he has been off. It was nice to be able to spend this special day as a family. We went to church on Saturday night with some of our good friends and then on Sunday we spent the morning talking about the special meaning of the day and then had our egg hunts and headed over to the Sharkeys for Easter dinner! It was a great day of fellowship!!!

Now that the weather is nice we have spent ALOT of time in the backyard. The kids love it and it gets alot of thier energy out which makes for an easier, more pleasant evening. We also had out very first beach day of the season. We headed to Isle of Palms and it ws sooo nice! The kids LOVED it and this momma was able to relax....well kinda! ;)

We finally went to the strawberry patch and picked strawberries. The kids loved it! I think Eli may have eaten more strawberries off the vine then he picked...silly boy!