Saturday, January 30, 2010

We are still here!!!

Hello all,
WE are still here! We just have been so busy adjustingto life with a new baby again and what a blessing little Elijah is to our family!

Danielle and Rylie have been great big sisters to thier brother and little Elijah loves them so much! His first smile was when he was looking at Rylie! So sweet! Danielle is a HUGE helper! Almost like another little mommy for Elijah!

Our little Elijah has been going by Eli now for a while. Most people call him Eli. He actually does look like an "Eli" if thats even possible. :)

Eli is growing so big and way too fast but every moment we share with him we are so grateful for!

Well for now he are a few pics that show you all how much fun we have been having with our new little guy and how big our princesses are getting as well!