Saturday, December 6, 2008

A much needed escape from reality!

Good Morning friends and family! I hope your week was a good one!

As most of you know, we attend therapy a couple of times a week and it helps us a lot. It has brought to light several things that we never knew were bothering Danielle and with those things known we can help her better. With that said, you all should know that something came out in therapy on Thursday that was very upsetting to us. So much so that we had to leave and go to Kevin who was at a training meeting in Georgetown and stay there with him until he was finished. We cant share exactly what it was that came out nor will I give any clues as to what it is. We just ask for your prayers and support as we move through what will be a very difficult time. Once again we will trust that the Lord will deliver us from this pain and give us the peace and understanding that we need to move past this as well.

We have pulled the positive out of the situation, though there wasn't much positive to pullout, but none the less we did. I know if we didn't have the strength given to us by God, we wouldn't have been able to do that. Kevin has been a wonderful father and husband and spiritual leader for us through all of the things we have had to go through so far and now with this new development he needs our prayers to continue to be strong for our family and make the decisions that are necessary for our family. We have prayed together for Gods Will to be done in this situation and that He will be Glorified through it all but somehow we feel like there is something else that we could be praying for. We know that God is so much bigger then anything this earth could throw at us and yet we feel like we are continuously questioning why "HE" is allowing this all to happen to us. We do try to walk in His light. We do live and raise our children according to what He says in the Bible is required of us. He is always challenging us to lean on him more and more with more difficult tasks then the ones before.

We know that there are way worse things that we could have to be dealing with like a terminal illness, the loss of a child, the loss of a parent, homelessness, hunger and many more things. So why do we question the One who only has our best interest in mind? Maybe because we don't what lies ahead. He knows what this situation is preparing us for. If we leave it at that and trust that He knows what is best then will we be giving glory to Him?

I am a baby Christian. I don't claim to know it all or even understand it. In fact there are many things that I don't understand but the one thing that I do know is that the Lord is sovereign and I will take comfort in that...

On a side note: Our trip to Georgetown was a much needed escape. While Kevin was in training I took the kids to Myrtle Beach and we had a great time. I took them to the Childrens Museum. They had a great time. We also went to Target. My kids, especially Danielle, love this store. We could spend hours there and many times we do. After all that we headed back to Georgetown to get daddy and the kids were tuckered out so they slept the whole way back! The Lord knew I needed that. I had some great time with the Lord during that time. When we got back to the hotel we got daddy and headed to his parents house to drop off Danielle and then headed home.

We needed each other and what a comfort it was to be away and with each other. The perfect escape from reality. I must say though that reality was waiting for us when we got home. That was okay though. We were better prepared for it then. Or at least I was. I try not to speak for my Husband unless I know for sure he would agree or that he actually said what I write.

Anyways, we want to thank you all in advance for your thoughts and prayers. Have a blessed day and weekend!

Much love,
Jacki and Kevin

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