Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1 big step backwards.....

Well as you can tell by title of my post it's going to be a negative post. So if you don't want to read this one that's fine with me but it will have an update on the family.

In the past few days we have had a huge set back with Danielle. As you all know Danielle was having some really great progress and had not raged in over 4 weeks. It was nice to have some peace in the house. I guess we got too comfortable. On Monday night, Danielle had a really bad rage. She seriously hurt me physically and although I don't think she intended to, emotionally too. I am still in a lot of physical pain but I think the emotional pain is worse. We knew that it was a possibility that she could relapse but not at this severity. She is manic too according to the Doctor and they want to switch medications and add one more. I am really not sure if this is the right time to do this with the holidays.

On a positive note though, Danielle has done a fabulous job going to school. Her anxiety has decreased enough so that she can go without a fight in morning. That is great progress. We wont hold our breath though. Anything can happen.

Rylie update: She is doing well. I think she has already started her " Terrible two's"! That's okay though. At least she's on the right track. I don't know if I could handle another sensory child. She is however going through that separation anxiety stage. Anytime that I leave the room or try to leave her she cries. I guess that is one of the downsides of staying home with your children. I am thinking of putting her in a mother's morning out program 1 day a week for a couple of hours to get her used to it. It does feel good to be missed though.

Kevin and I are doing okay. We heard some news that we aren't yet ready to share on Monday that really has us upset. We will continue to pray for Gods will but it is definitely hard to "digest". Our new church is wonderful! We get "fed well" each time and we know that this is our new church home because God has confirmed it for us in the words of three witnesses. I believe it says that somewhere in the Bible. Right now I am not sure where but I will find it and post later.

Okay, I promised some Thanksgiving weekend pictures so here they are...
Happy birthday daddy!

Rylie's first time eating chocolate fondue...she loved it!

She wasnt happy when we were eating so mommy didnt get to eat much of her dinner!

We decorated our Christmas tree this weekend as well! We had a blast but forgot to take many pictures! :( But we have memories and thats what counts!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend pics!

Hava a blessed day



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