Friday, November 28, 2008

Baby Steps...

Last Sunday we started at a new church called Cathedral of Praise. Because of its size I was certain that I was going to feel uncomfortable. But...I was wrong! When we walked into that church lobby we were suprised by the amount of people who greeted us, talked to us, showed us where in the nursery our children went and then where we could go to sit so we could be close to the baby(who was not happy to be left with strangers). We felt like we were home. When I say that I mean like we had found where God had wanted us. I always prayed that whenever we went to a new church that if that was where He wanted us that he wouls give kevin and I a peace that was undoubtedly from Him. Well, He did!

Anyway, the service was wonderful. And one of the points the pastor had made was about forgiving others no matter what. Easier said than done for me because I can only take so much before I feel like if I forgive you again then you hurt me, my family, etc again I cant or wont forgive that person. But I learned that its not really about me. Its about living by the Word of God. I cant begin to feel and see what He has for me and my family if I have grudges and unforgiven issues between me and God. So I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, especially with the holidays here. I have a yerning for God to show me what His love feels like and all along I have not known that I wasnt feeling all of what He has for me. How awesome is our God!

I guess in the past I have been like "God, if you could just heal Danielle, fix whats broken in my marriage, help my family , etc...then I will have a greater faith." Fact of the matter is, that is not how it works. He asks us to take step of faith. If I knew how to link the site of the sermon to this blog I would because I left that church on a misson. I have continued this week to take baby steps but I know I need to take big steps of faith. I guess I just need the reassurance of the faith that my baby steps build. I dont know. We plan to continue to attend this church. Our spirits were "fed well "as I have had several people tell me about this church. I cant wait to see what this week brings. I know this past week has been a week full of "God moments". Where I know He has been or is there in certain moments. He has shown me that He is there always teaching me!

Well I guess with all of that said I should give you all an update on the family!

The Kids: They are doing very well. We enjoy ,and so do they, our fmaily worship time! It is so heart warming to see my children with thier child-like faith. Danielle is doing well. Her therapist believes that she might be entering a manic phase so we are watching her very closely. But other than that she is awesome! Rylie is and has been very fussy and clingy but I think if she could sleep(take her naps and sleep at nite) she would be a much happier baby! But again she is doing good too!

The mommy and the Daddy: We are doing well also. Other than being a little sleep deprived from Rylie Having a reaction to the Flu shot, we are good. We have been spending a lot of time talking about what we want out of our church experiences and what our walk will look like outside of church. It has been a wonderful week of discovery to say the least! I hope that every week will be a little more exciting and inspire us to want more for our family! :)

Thanksgiving: Was wonderful! A lot of good conversation and food and of course fun too! We have a lot to be Thankful for!

Well I am off to start the clean up process...

Have a blessed day.

PS: I will post pictures later today!

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