Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wow it's already November!

Happy November! I cant believe that it is already November. That means that Thanksgiving is only 27 days away and Chirstmas is only 55 days away! Wow! It will be 2009 before we know it!

Family update: Well because we have had 2 bad weeks now, we have had to start the dreaded medication. It is an anti-psychotic. It has awful side affects including producing swollen breasts and lactation. We are just praying that she doesn't get that side affect. That is ridiculous! But because it is the one that has the most research done on it and it is approved by the FDA for use in children with aggression caused by conduct disorders we feel like it is a reasonable drug to use. So I feel a little better about this medication trial. However we dont think we will use the other medication, Lithium. I have seen the side affect of this medication working in Behavioral med at st. francis hospital. Basically we want Danielle to be happy and live the most normal life that she can and if that means a little medication then we will do what we need to do. So far she has tolerated the medication well. As for the rest of us we are all very tired. We are busy with all of her appointments and then of course life in itself is busy. The positive is that we have our family worship time in the car on the way to all of these appointments. We have had some awesome conversations in the car! Even Rylie is trying put in her 2 cents about what we are talking about with a shaking of her head. It is so cute. And when we have worship music on in the car, especially the kids mixs she will sing along(in baby talk, of course). It is cute to watch how much she look up to Danielle. If Danielle is raising her hands in praise then Rylie will do it too! I just love watching that interaction between them.

Other than all of that heavy stuff we have been doing good! We haven't been sick in 2 weeks and that is a wonderful blessing considering the stress we have been under this week! Praise God for our health! We have recently done some painting in our master bedroom...well it's finished being painted. The furniture, however is not finished. So we are still in the process of sanding down the previous finish and applying the new one. I will post some pics when it's complete!

As for Halloween: We went to a freinds house in Goose Creek and hung out there. I dressed the kids up as Minnie Mouse and A ladybug! They were adorable! We got some candy from a little bit of trick or treating but becasue it was way too cold to be out we just went to like 10 or so houses. It was fun but I am glad it is over. I am ready for Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for!

I also want to thank all of those who have been praying for our family! We know that the prayers are helping. I cant explain the strength that we have had to deal with all of this and we know it comes from Him. So please keep them coming! :)

Have a great weekend,


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Jennifer said...

hey i'm glad to know that ya'll are doing well and had a good Halloween. We need to get the kids together so that we can visit. It seems like forever since we have talked or seen each other.