Monday, November 3, 2008

Not so quick family update...

Good evening friends and family,

Just a quick family update: We are doing better and better as the weeks go by. It's getting easier to swallow reality. I was just telling Kevin that I need to look up the stages of grief because I think that i might be in the angry part...i dont know though. I have these days where I am finding myself asking God why HE did this to my family. And why, especially when He knows the other health issues that we deal with daily, would He not heal one of us to make it easier for us to handle this awful diagnosis! I mean, I know that He didn't bless us with this evil disorder but because I am so alone in this battle with little or no armour I always feel vulnerable. And when I have no answers and I don't understand what in the world He is trying to teach me through all of this its just easier I guess to blame the ones you are closest to. And unfortunately for God its Him right now...I often wonder if my old job at the hospital was preparation for this time of my life. I met a lot of families who go through this type of loneliness daily, who often didn't visit(but would call) because they needed a break from the day-to-day, and the medical knowledge that I gained was tremendous. Well one day when I have time to think about my life and not always the ins and outs of Danielle's then I might just figure it out!

On a much lighter note we only had 2 meltdowns this week and that is awesome! Danielle has learned from therapy to recognize her angry feelings and do her 3min cool-down techniques when she feels like she is about to loose control. Since she has shown us a lot of effort in that area we decided to reward her with a movie nite! We all went to High School Musical 3 and it was awesome! Then we came home, had dinner together and read books before bedtime together. We rarely get to do that all as a family! For these days I am Thankful!

Also, Danielle has found a new baby to play with...her sister! Yep! She has been pushing Rylie around in her baby stroller and Rylie loves it! Now whenever Rylie sees the stroller she wants in. It is hilarious to watch! Rylie has a few new words now toothat we would like to share with you all...uh-oh, sissy, daddy-do, mine, kitty and doggy. I am going to post a video of her saying all of these things soon. It is just so cute!

Well anyway so much for quick update! I am off to put away the Laundry and then go to bed! Goodnight,



Jennifer said...

That is good news that Danielle is starting to figure her moods out now. Hopefully with her recognizing this things will get better pretty soon. Maybe the last few weeks have been the rock bottom that you guys needed to get to. So that way you can start the transition uphill. We are praying for the best for ya'll and we miss ya'll. Talk to you soon.

Jenn, Gus, Katlyn, and Ethan

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
It is Katie and Marcus Carter. We were looking at Tommy and Katie's blog and saw your name. We are praying that God will give you his strength to continue to be the Godly parents that you are. Danielle sounds like an amazing little girl. God is good and we know he has a perfect plan for your family. Hope to talk to you soon!
Marcus and Katie