Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Merry Christmas early everyone!

Sorry it has been a week since the last update. We have been a little sick and then Kevin and I decided we were going to try to Christmas shop a little late this year for each other! Bad idea....long lines and grouchy people were everywhere! I don't understand for the life of me why people are so grouchy this time of year. I guess if you were separated from you family or recently had lost a loved one it would definitely be hard for you. But other then that why?

Well I had to say a few prayers while out shopping I must say because of the people and how rude some of them were. Even cashiers. One sticks out to me though. A young lady was working at Target ( Our fav store), and she was just really not happy about being there. So I gently said "I just want to thank you for working so hard for people like me who decide to shop last minute and I know from experience that some of them are not so nice when they come through. I hope you have a Happy Holiday season." She smiled and thanked me for appreciating her and what she was doing and I really think that I brightened her day. Again while we were at Home depot getting our tree a lady was out in the freezing cold and the rain in the garden section and she was definitely NOT happy to be there. Once again I said a thank you and it brightened her whole face. I am glad that I could do that for these people. I think that sometimes we forget that some people may be missing their family get-togethers to serve us in the stores extended hours. I until this year have never taken that into consideration because for 3 years I worked in the hospital and every year had to miss Christmas dinner with the family. This year I am treasuring it. And I hope you do too.

Family update time: We are all doing good. We have all come down once again with some sinus stuff but hopefully & prayerfully we will overcome! The girls are super excited about Christmas and we have been reading the Christmas story to them everyday for the last 3 weeks from the Bible which has sparked some very interesting conversations. Not any that we couldn't handle but things that we as adults had never pondered. Kevin and I have been reading the novel "Fireproof" together. We kinda decided that we really needed to reconnect and we have committed to do "The Love Dare" with each other as a gift to one another this Christmas. The book is fabulous. I really wish we would have seen it in the movies! It comes out on 1/27/2009 and we already pre-bought it. I cant wait! We are Fireproofing our marriage!

I will post the Pics from Christmas morning as soon as possible after the present unwrapping happens! Until then Have a blessed and safe Christmas! Love to all!

Love Kevin and Jacki


The Weeks Family said...

we saw Fireproof ... it is awesome! I've already pre-bought it, too (actually a Christmas gift for Charles...sssshhhh :) so I've wrapped the sound track that they gave me when I prebought. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! (I was out shopping last night and there are some grouches out there...yikes!)

The Weeks Family said...

hey Jacki - our small group is going through The Five Love Languages right now. I did see some group studies at the Christian bookstore. I'll let you know if we decided to do that when we're finished with this one. Hope you have a great Christmas!