Monday, August 18, 2008

Danielles first day of school!

Well today will be a day we remember for the rest of our lives! Our baby girl is off to kindergarten! After 5 years of growing, learning and nurturing at home with mommy she will start a new chapter in her life. Now we as parents can only pray that she will take what we have taught her and use it while she is at school with her peers.

On a lighter note, the morning went wonderfully. Aside from the "my eyes are still tired" excuse not to get out of bed, Danielle did a wonderful job of getting herself ready. She was never asked to do anything. She just did it! Go Danielle! We of course took those memorable first day of school pictures (which I will post with this) and then we were off to school at 6:55am. Yeah! It's really early....

And off she went. No tears, no mommy please stay, no nothing. Just pure excitment of what this new thing called school would bring to her. And with a beautiful smile and wave we said our first of many good-byes!

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