Thursday, September 2, 2010

Elijah {10 months}

On September 3rd my little man turned 10 months old! Its hard to believe that 10 months has already gone by and in 2 short months he will be 1. My sweet boy has grown so much! In the past month Eli has accomplished some really fun stuff! Check out what this little man can do now...

Eli has accomplished standing on his own:

When Eli found this walking toy he figured out that if he stood up and held onto it he could walk with it too:

When we tell Eli to "cheese" this is the face he makes(and yes we have teeth now...3 of them and we are still working on 3 more) :)

He LOVES to play ball now. It is so cute! He gets so excited and moves his arms and legs so fast up and down!

And last but not least.....Daddy taught Eli and Rylie how to play the DRUMS!!! So we have a regular praise and worship band playing in our house! Its really entertaining as long as you have no phone calls to make or napping to do! :)

In 2 short months our baby Eli will be one year old! Since I am an uber planner I have already started planning Elijah's first Birthday's gonna be "Dog-Gone Cute"!! (hint , hint. Can you tell what the theme is gonna be?? Be sure to check back and see as I will be posting posts on making the decorations and invites all on my own!! )
Also, Kevin and I have started volunteering in the marriage ministry at our church. It is a FABULOUS ministry and has saved many marriages from divorce and also brought many other couples closer to each other and GOD!! Last night we had a great first class and the Pastor in charge of this ministry gave a definition of LOVE. It ALWAYS reminds me that if I really LOVE someone this is how I SHOULD do it. Just a side note though...its not a biblical definition from 1 Corinthians 13 ;) or a Websters definition. Check in here in a few days to see what it was!! I'm excited to share! :)
Have a blessed week!


cooperl788 said...

These pictures of Eli are adorable! I'm following you back because I think your blog is really great!

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