Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Basically our crazy December

December was a busy month for us...
We traveled to Columbia 3 times and Charlotte, NC 2 times. ALOT of driving! Anyway since Danielle had a doctors appt in Columbia after we went there we decided it was a perfect opportunity to visit one of the parks there in downtown Columbia. It was Finlay Park. So pretty. We played there for a little bit and had lunch(crock pot BBQ Beef-which I cooked the day before..yum!)

Once we got to Charlotte and checked in to our hotel, we decided since I had never eaten at a Cracker Barrel that we should try it. Eeeehhh, I wasn't impressed. But I loved the peg game so much we bought one!

(Christmas with Danielle happened before the park and Cracker barrel,but to be honest I tried to move them and it would work!)
So the week that Danielle left we celebrated Christmas with her. It was kinda bitter sweet. My girl has never spent Christmas morning without me and this was a reminder that she wouldn't be there with us this year. I'm so happy her family in California enjoyed but she was missed at her home!

As in the the post 2 times ago...Elijah has hiding spots all around the house. In December they were: my glad ware cabinet.
and behind the Christmas tree!

More pics to come but I gotta get on to my chore list!
Until next time...
Be Blessed,

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