Friday, March 20, 2009

We have a new member of our family....

Yep! That's right, we are now proud owners of a puppy named "Samuel"! We all call him something different like Sammy, Sam-I-am and just plain Sam. We have had him for 2 days now and I am amazed that we could love a little baby doggie sooo much.

Samuel is a Toy Poodle/terrier mix. He probably wont be more then 6 or so pounds when he full grown. Right now he is only about 10 oz. He is only almost 7 weeks old. Samuel is learning stuff so fast though. He has not pottied in his crate at all and we are already taking him outside to potty and he makes every time! I am amazed! The only thing that is a little bothersome to me,which is kinda silly, is that he smells like a wet dog. There is nothing that I don't like more then that smell. So I guess he will be getting a frequent bath here and there and they have some freshening up spray at PetsMart that I might have to get too.

The kids are doing great with him too. Rylie is little rough and tough child and doesn't understand "Easy, not rough" very well and she frequently squeezes him which literally scares me to death. A 10oz dog isn't very durable to toddler abuse! :) Danielle carries Samuel around like a newborn baby and wants to sleep with him in her bed. (We are crate training him) so that's out of the question. Overall though the kids are doing great with him. Kevin hasn't said much about him but I think he always thought we would get a big dog like a Lab or Golden Retriever or something around those lines. I know he likes the dog because he is always snuggling with him on the couch before bed but Sammy isn't a very manly dog. You will see when you look at the pics! LOL

Well here's our "little man" :

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