Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Teaching Moment" Love,God

"Faith makes things in life possible not easy."

I kinda stole this from one of my friends FB status' because I feel like this is exactly what I have been dealing with lately. WE(the family) are still battling illness after illness after illness. IT IS CRAZY!

I know everyone, including my pediatrician has been saying its been " ...a bad cold and Flu season. You aren't the only family I promise." But really??? 5 weeks of it in a row! Yea Im struggling with what in the world is going on and why is this happening to my could I not be?? As if being a wife, mother(and all other sub titles this includes), friend, daughter, niece are not hard enough on ONE individual add in on top of that the business of life and ILLNESS!!

So, because I am learning, and God is teaching(love HIM), that my WORDS are supposed to be LIFE -GIVING and not LIFE-TAKING I have to be "careful" of how I talk about whats going on because I tend to be more negative about things that dont go my way. Nobody particularly "likes" being sick. But instead of pulling EVERY negative out of it I am working on praising God that this cold and flu season has actually given me and the kids more "home time". More time with God. More time with each other. Our life schedule isnt taking precedence over our family time. Maybe thats what God has been trying to show us. Maybe there is a method to HIS madness!! Haha! :) Having faith means ANYTHING is possible with HIM, but Jesus said there will be trouble in this life. So I am choosing, in this time of absolute insanity, to choose HIM. Choose to have faith that I can get through this even if its not easy. God is in the hard stuff too and thank goodness He is. This past 5 weeks has shown me some things in ME that I am not proud im choosing faith. Because I CAN do anything through Christ who give me strength. Phil 4:13 even if its not easy!


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