Wednesday, April 6, 2011

~Love & War~

Wowzers!!! First off, it has been waaaaayy too long since I last updated!! Alot has gone on and so it will probably take me a few days to catch up but I wanted to share the neatest thing that we have gone through this past 2 months!!!!

Kevin and I have completed an 8 week series on Love and War in your marriage....Whoa!!! At first it was information overload. This small group was not exactly small, but it was in a small group setting during discussion time. :) The small group was based off of John and Staci Elderidge's book LOVE & WAR.....great book and even better small group!

During this 8 weeks small group, we discovered many things about one another and our Check Spellingmarriage that we didnt know. Thats always fun , right? :) But most importantly we learned that our marriage has an enemy. Super scary for me because marriage is HARD. Thats one of the reasons half of them end in divorce. We DONT want to be a statistic so we are beyond excited about the knowledge we have gained!

I dont want to spoil it for you, so if you are intersted check it out! You wont be sorry I promise!!!

The coolest thing has happened for us though as we journeyed through the past 2 months. We havent really been consistant tithers until this year. We always said "we just dont have it." However this year we want to be different. Our pastor told us to test God. Tithe and see that he will pour out more blessings then you could ever imagine! :) Well, we did. I am utterly AMAZED by His faithfulness! We have had favor with most everyone. We have people and businesses BLESS us with services and meals and gas and the list goes on. Stuff we NEVER asked for!! He has blessed us with new friends and rejuvinated friendships with people who we have just gotten to busy to keep up with. Its so cool how He works! I dont know why I waited so long to do this!

He is soooo faithful! He loves us and wants to BLESS us and now I feel like a living breathing testimony to his love and faithfulness. It is soooo cool to me! :)

Anyway,that is a quick little tid-bit! I hope you have all have had a good start to spring!! I know we have!!!


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