Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Dedication

"I asked the Lord to give me this boy, and he has granted my request. Now I am giving him to Lord and he will belong to the Lord his whole life." -1 Samuel 1:27-28 NLT

In February we dedicated Rylie and Elijah "Eli" back to the Lord. It was a great day and we will not forget how important this day was for our sweet babies!! We thank God for them EVERYDAY!!! They are truly a blessing from Him! :)

The week prior to the dedication the outfits I had made for them were still not here and so that meant I was in a panic. It even got down to the Friday before the dedication and they still were NOT here yet! rest assured they got here Saturday at 3pm. Yep and wouldn't you know Rylies dress was more of a SHIRT! So out to Target at 8pm to find a way to make it work!! And i did! I found some really cute white capris and some pretty white sandals! It was perfect!! I love how it turned out! Enjoy!


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