Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Savannah GA here we come!

Okay I know it's been a really long time since I have updated and I am terribly sorry for that! We have been extremely busy! Life just keeps getting so busy. So we decided to get away from it all and just chill out for a couple days! We were in desperate need of that. We decided that since Savannah wasnt very far away that it was perfect for our very short notice trip!

This was the bridge we came over to get into Historic Savannah. I didnt know that there was another bridge that resembled the one in Charleston!

This was one of several monument that we saw. They were all so beautiful!

Kevin and Rylie in front of the monument.

Kevin and Danielle...being their silly selves in front of the same monument!

AAGGHH....Why did this turn?? Oh well, this was on the steps of the Old Court House across from the square that we were at on the first day!
On the second day we went to Oatland Wildlife park. It was absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever been. It was a wilderness walk you basically take on your own through several beautiful trees and there were natural exhibits along the way that were native to the Savannah and South Carolina coast. This was one of the old Oak trees that Kevin was in love with!

This was me and the girls looking at the reptile exhibit....Alligators, snakes, turtles and many more lizards that were totally grossing me out! But the kids loved them!

Danielle was on the boardwalk over the marsh which was again very beautiful to look out over!
We went to have lunch after all that walking(4 hours) at Paula Deans Restaurant in Downtown Savannah. He just had to get her Collard greens and peach cobbler amongst other things... Danielle...sideways! AAGHH!

Rylie did not want to sit in her highchair at all. We had a great window seat and she was all about looking out of the window the whole time!

This was on River St.! It was all waterfront and so cold but really pretty. The kids by this point were done with site seeing and they just wanted to run around! As you can see they weren't very happy! Another beautiful monument...

This was 1% of the pictures we took! We took 349 pictures and 4 videos! It was crazy. We had no idea!

Anyways, we all have been good! Just living the everyday! Danielle is still having her ups and down and we are still going to our marriage class! We are still enjoying that time very much! The only new news to report is that we have hired a mothers helper/ babysitter. She is awesome! We love her and so do the kids! She is available to share...just thought I would pass it along!

OKay off to appointments. I pray that you all would have a very blessed day!

Much love,


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