Monday, February 2, 2009

Marriage Foundations...

Kevin and I are taking a Marriage Foundations class at our church and this past week they gave us a temperament test to do for homework and then we went over it on Saturday. It was so interesting to see what a tool this test was for our marriage. It revealed things that we didnt even realize were issues or situations that could cause issues. We both agreed that this was an awesome topic and when we got home we continued to converse about it and learned somethings about each other that can only be extremely helpful to our marriage!

The test itself doesn't say anything but the interpretation of it says tons! For instance, it says that I(Jacki) am a "D". "D's" are very dominant, decisive, and direct. They do things "MY WAY" which of course can lead to issues in the marriage since a marriage covenant wasn't created "my way". It revealed to me that I have to be under the authority of first God and then my husband for my marriage to be successful. That isnt "my way" by any means. I like things to go a certain way and if it doesn't then I tend to get upset. By learning what my temperament was I was able to identify what my behavior would/could do to my marriage and my relationship with God!

What a scary realization. I mean, after all I had no idea that I could be hindering my relationship with not only my husband but with Father God as well. Maybe this has been the issue all along?? Not quite sure, but my guess is probably "yes". Last week when I was spending some much needed time with God I remember asking God to reveal to me what it was that I was doing wrong in life. Why do some many speed bumps have to be in my journey/path to You Father??

Well I am pretty sure that He has officially answered my question, you think??

Okay, now for the fun part of my entry:

I saw this on another blog and I really liked the idea and I thought it was cute.
"Not me Monday!"
1. I did not hit the snooze button on my alarm and wake up 1 hour later then I needed to.
2. I did not eat chips and ranch dip and a bagel with butter for breakfast this morning.
3. I did not drink my 2 cups of coffee and follow that with a Mt. Dew.
4. I am not addicted to Mt. Dew.
5. I do not have a shortage of patience today due to the major headache I dont have.
6. I am not refusing to take some Migraine Meds to make it go away.
7. I am not drawing a blank for writing what else I am not...

Kinda cute right??

Well thought I might add that the kids are doing okay. They both have double ear infections but hey I can handle after the really bad week in January that we had. Like I said early Kevin and I are going to a marriage class that I wish we would have attended before we got married because it has a lot of really good info in it! We love it and cant wait to see the affect it has on our marriage!

We hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!


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