Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter is at my house...


My family has been dressed in layers for weeks now! This is craziness! For some reason I dont NOT remember it being this cold in the last 4 years of living here in SC. Well since the cold weather has us in the house most days instead of outside we have a lot of time to play games, color and having meaningful conversations. I guess you could say we are enjoying the "Small things" in life.

As most of you read in my last post, I have been spending a little more time then usual for me with God. I have had a time with all of this illness and sadness in my family and as a mom and wife I want to fix it and make it go away. I want to heal everyone from their illness and comfort my children and husband when they hurt. I had taken on this GINORMOUS(i know this is probably not a word) task and have been kinda burdened by it because it is A LOT!

Well in the time I had with the Lord this week and it was confirmed in church this Sunday, I have got to let go and let God! He never meant for me carry those burdens. He never meant for me to be a great mother to His children and be a helper to my husband on my own. The enemy has tricked me into this idea that it is MY burden to carry and that if I dont then I am not being a good wife and mother. Wrong answer says God! Thats why I am here. TRUST ME! LEAN on ME! Let Me love you! Let Me take care of you.

Okay, God if this is what You want and have had planned for me please show me what this looks like.

There are many questions that I had for God this week. Some of them got answered and a lot of them did not. I guess it will continue to be a work in progress. But hey, I will take work in progress over sad, lonely and exhausted any day!

Family update:

Danielle: Has had a bad week...but her therapist has assured me that this is normal and will pass and if it does not then we will increase her meds. I really hope we dont have to do this but God does know what she needs and we will with His guidance make that decision when its time. She missed 2 1/2 days of school last week because of it and that makes a lot of homework for a little girl who is battling depression. So please pray for Danielle. That she will come out of this and transition back into normalcy(her normal). Health wise she is good though. Just still working on the mental aspect of things...

Rylie: Silly as ever! She is feeling better. Still not eating as much food as we would like but we will take what we can get even if it is a chicken nugget from McDonald's. Other then that she is growing and gaining her weight back slowly.

Kevin and I are spending a lot of individual time with God these days. Maybe thats whats been missing all this time. And why we have such a hard time. Well at least we are starting to figure things out and trying to do the right thing. Our new church is still awesome although there is times where I dearly miss JICC. The house is great and such a blessing to us and the marriage is still a work in progress.I think thats the way God wanted. Growing and changing everyday.

Well my friends, thats all for now! Hope you enjoyed. I am really hoping to get some recent pics and a video of Rylie talking. She has really started talking really good. Also, Rylie started potty training 3 days ago and she is doing good. she used the potty 2 times the first day and now she thinks if she sits on it(with clothes on) that we have clap and get a treat. Shes currently upset that we tell her she has to put something in the potty first. She will even go as far as spitting in the potty to get some treats. Silly girl!

Have a blessed day!
Much love,

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