Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Family Devotionals & updates

Good Morning everyone!

I am so glad to be writing this blog in better health! Although I still have a lot of pain in my tummy, I have not been as tired as I usually have been. Its definitely Gods hand. The Doctors told me I would be in bed for 3-4 weeks with this Mono. Guess what?! Its only been 1 week and 3 days! I have tried to keep my spirits up and pray everyday for a healing! And I believe that I have been healed or at least am on the way to recovery! Praise God!

Well I thought I should give a little family update since its been awhile since I have updated!

Danielle: She is doing remarkably well.She has her good and bad days, but overall compared to the months and years leading to now, she is doing VERY well. Once again, being thankful in the midst of this storm has really changed my perspective on things. I am excited about what is to come for her! We got her a Princess Devotional which has been awesome. That has been a " Mommy & Danielle" activity and we have really enjoyed doing it together. Last night was so precious. At the end of the devotionals we talk about how each topic is related to our life and then we pray. Last night was about trusting Gods will and they used the story of Abraham's servant going to get Issac a wife from where his family was and the servant Trusted God and prayed the whole way that he would find the "right" wife for Issac. The one that God wanted for Issac. But anyways, Danielle was very interested in the story and was asking a lot of questions and one of the questions was : "Mommy, does God have a husband like daddy for me? I am going to marry my daddy when I grow up." I explained to her that since he was already married to me that he couldn't marry her. But one day God would put the right person in her life and he would be as good as daddy or better! The devotional touched on other things too but this is what stood out to me.

Rylie: Rylie has not had any breathing episodes in over 2 weeks now. We decided the steroids were causing her to fall alot and that her irritability was caused from them too. She hasn't had an episode since. Praise God! Other then that she has been a totally wild and crazy 18 month old little girl! Running, jumping yelling and messy as anything!

Kevin and I are doing well. We have been attending Cathedral of Praise together and the messages have really got us thinking praying and acting. Which I think is most important. The Lord has plans for us and they are going to be awesome!

So we are overall doing pretty well! Thank goodness!

Well have a blessed day!

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