Sunday, January 18, 2009

Answered Prayers!!!

We want to thank everybody who has had Rylie and our Family in your prayers! Rylie was able to come home from the hospital and has continued to improve over the past 48 hours! We are still working on the eating part but she is drinking out of her sippy cups now and is taking Breast Milk from a bottle now too. The doctors were very surprised at how fast she went from really sick to recovering! All I have to say is "Prayer Works!" and for those of you who prayed along side Kevin and I over this little worked! God is awesome!

We have figured out that Rylie had a viral stomach bug and then she got E.Coli 0157(I think) which is very bad for anybody who gets it! That is why she spiraled out of control so fast with the dehydration. Dr. Stadalsky is absolutely awesome and came to the hospital to make sure she was doing okay. We saw him in the office on Friday afternoon as a followup and he agrees we are not out of the woods yet but we are going in that direction. Doctors orders: Pray, hydrate and rest! We love our pediatrician!

As for the rest of the family, we are doing good! We are glad to be back in the house all together! Kevin and I have started a small group at our new church and we love it. We are excited about what God has in store for us this year! We know it will be full of blessings and great happenings!
Danielle is also improving! She has her normal 5 year old issues! But that is to be expected when all of her 5 year old friends at school act the same way! Oh the joys of school aged children!

Well off to start the day!
Much love,

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The Martins said...

So glad Rylie is doing much better! Dr. Stadalsky is amazing. He is Gracie doctor too! Love HIm! Glad all of you are back at home doing wonderful