Thursday, January 15, 2009

Please pray for Rylie Grace!

First I want to thank my friends for checking in on us for the last 5 days while we have been in the hospital with Rylie. We really appreciate the love and support that you all have offered and we blessed to have such great people in our life! Secondly, Jen, thank you for bringing your laptop up to me today so I could update our blog and share with the rest of friends and family what it is that is going on up here!

Just a recap of how we got to where we are at today....

On Friday night Rylie woke up and started throwing up. This was a very short stint of it and was acting fine a few hours later. She had NO diarrhea. She was eating, drinking and never ran a fever. I figured as did the pediatrician that she probably was having some reflux issues and told me to start her Zantac again that night before bed. On Saturday we attended a birthday party and the girls had a blast. While were at the birthday party Rylie started having some really bad watery poops and continued to throughout the day. After 2 at the party we decided to leave. She continued to have 21 diapers that day between 130 and 7pm that night. I took her to urgent care where they said that she probably had a virus and that I should restrict any food and breastfeeding and to just give her pedialyte. I tried to follow his orders to best of my ability except for the breastfeeding part which I knew from past experience was not true. By Sunday morning Rylie seemed to be acting better but not normal. We ran an errand really quick then we came home and we napped. She woke up vomiting and still have multiple diarrhea diapers at which time I called Plantation Pediatrics and had the doctor return my phone call.

The Dr. shared with me that he was concerned and that if she hadn't kept down a nursing by 6 pm that I was to take her in to the ER for hydration. Since Rylie was not able to keep any thing including the breast milk down we opted for going to Summerville Medical which was the closest hospital to us. By the time they got Rylie back they could see she was in trouble. Her muscle tone was not good and she was awake but unable to physically respond to you. They decided shortly after 2 220cc blouses that she was in need of more care and they transferred us via ambulance to MUSC Children's Hospital which is where we are at now. They have been really good(except they take a really long time to get test results back to you) and Rylie is slowly recovering. She is still on IV Fluids around the clock and we are really trying to get her to eat and drink on her own but she wont. I am hoping that after today she will. We have been praying over her little body and have called on our friends and family now. We are exhausted and we need as many prayer warriors as possible! We want to thank you all in advance for any prayerful support that you can contribute!

Also, you all should know that Danielle is and has been trending well in regards to her Bipolar D/O and we all know that is an answered prayer! Thank you all very much!

Have a blessed day!
Jacki &Kevin

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The Martins said...

I am so sorry to hear about Rylie. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Even if it to come and keep you company. I will be pray for the Lord to heal Rylie precious body!