Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Snow Down" in Summerville

Good evening family and friends! I hope your weekend was wonderful just like mine was!

On Friday we went to a friends house and had a going away party for a friend from church! His name is Tim. Please keep his family in your prayer as they will be separated for several months for military training stuff. Then on Saturday we went with Danielle's best friend Haley and her parents Chris and Christy to the "Snow-Down" at Faith Assembly church in Summerville! It was a blast! It was the very first time the kids had seen some type of snow!
Danielle in the snow

Rylie Grace examining the snow...she could figure out what this very cold thing was! She eventually starting playing with it but it took most of her turn to do so!Danielle and her BFF Haley!They did a children's service in the middle of the day and had an awesome worship time too! This is Haley and Danielle listening to the pastor.And last but not least...Rylie! She loves to praise and worship God! She was totally into it and you cant really see but she has her hand stretched up towards the Heavens! How cute is that?!Rylie pointing to God again! That girl loves to worship! Family worship time in our home happens a lot because of this little girl!Hope you all enjoyed the pics! Have a blessed evening!

Much love,


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