Thursday, September 25, 2008

Parent-Teacher Confrence

Good evening everyone!
Well I just thought that I would share a little about the confrence we just had with Danielle's Kindergarten teacher. Basically she is doing very well in school and is really retaining a lot of what she is learning. She enjoys all of the "Centers" that they do in the mid-morning time and she loves going to the library. We are happy and thankful for that. She is also very shy but has many friends. Overall she is doing awesome!

On a another note: We have had a better week this week. Her behavior has been better controlled and the counseling seems to be working. We have also implemented a new behavior modification plan and that really helps her identify the feelings that she is having and the consequences of her actions. We can now help her through her bouts of anger and frustration. We believe that our Father has had His Hand in every aspect of this situation and we continue to sing praises to Him! We are so blessed to have such a Loving and All-Knowing Father! He knows what we need and when he needs to remind us that He is still near. I wish I was better at quoting the Bible, but I know it says that in the Bible somewhere and I am thankful for that!

We want to thank you all for your prayers and concern and we will keep you all updated on how everything develops from here...until next time....

Happy Fall Y'all!

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