Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome Fall!!!

On a lighter note than last time....I am totally loving Fall right now! I love that it reminds me of California in the early summer. I love that it is not humid as anything and that it is starting to get darker a little earlier everyday so me and my hubby can snuggle on the couch after an earlier bedtime for the girls! Oh my goodness! I just love it!

And regaurding Danielle...We had an appointment with MUSC Children's Behavioral Health and the Psychitrist and it was reassuring. We dont have to use medication at this timw if we dont want to. There are certain vitamins that she can take that help with the manic episodes. And then she will have weekly thearpy sessions with her wonderful therapist "Mrs. Elizabeth"! I am definitely not as stressed as before and I am starting to learn what the triggers are and how to handle these "meltdowns" as they call them. I think of them as explosive tantrums but hey what ever. Anyway she is doing very well (today anyway) and we will continue to pray for better days than we have had. We have given this to God and we believe that he will guide us and support us in the way he would want us to deal with this situation. Praise God for all of the blessing he bestows upon this family!

Rylie...Oh Rylie! What can we say??? She is our little stink! she has proven to be a little more than hard to handle with all the attention having to be on her sister the last couple of weeks. She does funny things like read the newspaper and then tear it up so we cant read it. She throws food everywhere! I mean I clean my kitchen multiple time a day just to keep up with the mess. She thinks this is funny! She runs everywhere! You will hardly ever see her walking. We try to tell her to walk but that sounds kinda funny considering she laughs at us when we tell her that. We dont think that she understands half of what we say to her and if she does then she is doing whatever she wants to.

Kevin...my lovely husband. He has had to be very understanding and soft when he handles me. I will be first to admit that I have been really grouchy lately. Kind of in a "poor me" kind of way. I know that sounds horrible but I cant help it. I am mad at this stupid "genetic pre-dispostion" word. What does that mean anyway?? And why would a doctor tell me that?? Isnt there a sugar coated way to tell someone it is there fault that their child is Bipolar?? Well I am still dealing with it in my own way so until then my precious and goofy husband will just have to continue to be understanding. I love you honey!

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