Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today we feel yucky!

Good evening everyone!
Well, we offically are all sick! We have Viral Pnuemonia. Where we got it from....who knows!All I know is that it is aweful! I wish that we could just go one month without being sick!

Okay..finished ranting. Now, we want everyone to know that we are not ignoring our family and friends but you all should know that we are still trying to figure out life with this new diagnosis. We have to walk on eggshells pretty much all of the time and when we have quiet time we try to spend that time just Me, Kevin and God(and the Bible). If we even for one day forget to pray or praise him, or just even decide that sleep is much more important...then we have a REALLY BAD DAY!!! We know it is not from Him. We know that we depend on Him for strength,peace, hope and love. When we dont ask we dont recieve. We become very cranky, short and ugly with each other. So when we dont call or return your emails/voicemails, it's really not you. It's the fact that we have spent every ounce of energy trying to live a semi-normal life and not only that but to give honor and praise to our Father for his continuous blessings everyday through prayer which can take some time. (It is totally worth it though)

Well we are off to bed now! Have a blessed evening and a wonderful day until next time.....

kevin and jacki smith

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