Saturday, October 4, 2008

Still stuffy...

Good morning everybody!

I thought I should write and say that I am still here. However I am still sick! The family is on its way to being better, but I am not! I am hoping that I will be able to kick this thing before the new week starts considering that I have so much to do from now until Halloween!

Alright, enough nagging...update on Danielle. She is in what the therapist calls a "hypomanic state" right now. We have been reading several natural remedies books and researching what we can do without medication. We think we owe Danielle that much considering we cant make this thing "go away" or "make her better". She is still our Danielle no matter what diagnosis she is given. Overall, we are doing very well adjusting to our new life. It is definitely not anything close to what we are used to but it's our life and we are learning to appreciate everyday that we have with our children. Good days and bad days!

Update on life in the new house....We are totally excited about the holidays coming up! We are going to have our very first Turkey day celebration and then our very first christmas! We are amazed at the yard work, the fact that no matter how long we work at completing the "honey-do list" we are never done, and that we are still not totally unpacked yet! WOW!! We cant even believe that we have been here 4 months already! Well it's all worth it! It is definitely rewarding to pay a morgage payment and not a rent payment! We are grateful for that, and for Kevins job! His job has been so good with everything that has been going on with Danielle! Praise God for all of his amazing Grace and the life that he has blessed us with!

Alright off to the grocery store now! Until next time....

Kevin and Jacki Smith

Oh yeah...I have an adorable video of Rylie in our kitchen window that I will be uploading soon! It is so cute. It might be in the next post though!

This is Rylie's new thing. We cant get her to stop doing this! When can we start timeout??LOL Needless to say she didnt get down and she protested when we finally got her down!

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad that ya'll are doing better. I hope you get to feeling better Jacki. We would love to see ya'll.