Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cold weather & Holiday planning

We are finally wearing our winter clothing! Its only 69 degrees to day!
Having fun At Rollie Pollies on a rainy day

Good morning!

I hope eveybody had a good weekend. We have had an okay one but thankful none the less. We are starting to plan the holiday festivities and with the cold weather this weekend it seems like they are already here!! Once Halloween gets here, it's all a whirlwind from there. I just hope and pray that we dont loose sight of what each holiday is really about. We will continue to pray that we never loose sight of the real meaning of each holiday and that each one we celebrate is a gift from Him! And also that we are thankful for everyday we spend with each other, weather it is good, bad or just plain miserable. (We are having less bad and miserable days lately.) :)

Danielle update: She has had a couple of bad days this week. She missed school 3 times and has been really down. We have just been loving on her and trying to show her that no matter what is going on inside her she is still loved and cherished just like Rylie and everybody else. I think she just thinks that she is "Bad" or "Too hard for mommy to handle" (these are things that she has said to us). It is heart breaking to hear these things but it is all part of the disorder. We constantly pray for her understanding and a peace that will get her through each day. It just seems like no matter how much we pray, it still isnt enough. If I could and had time, I would pray for her all day! And night! On a lighter note, we still havent had a visit from the tooth fairy yet. It is still hanging on by a tiny string and she wont let us pull it! So when it does we will post a new posting with all of details.

Family Update: We are super excited about the Holidays!!!! I love to decorate and this year I might just learn to cook my very first Thanksgiving dinner and my very first Christmas dinner!!! (No more Honeybaked Ham Store food) !! Kevin and I are actually starting to plan details! We are going to be missing my family, but maybe his family will be here! We dont know. We are just so excited to have Christmas in our vey own house this year! What a blessing from God!

We are also getting ready to redo the Master bedroom. We are still picking out colors and we think we might just refinish our furniture instead of buying new stuff! Wish us luck as we have zero experience in "Redoing" anything in a house!!! :)

Rylie, oh Rylie....she is something else! I think she should have been my boy! I dont remember Danielle ever being as wild as Rylie is! She is everywhere all the time!! Always into to something! So my days usually include being on the floor doing damage control! I dont know why I do it because it just gets all messy again! Oh well I love every part of being her mommy though. I really took for granted these things with Danielle, but after so many losses I fully take in everything that Rylie does and I try to remember it and revisit the memory often. I am very thankful that God gave me an ability to scrapbook because I can revisit Danielles memories as well.

Well, its lunch time in the smith house and that means grouchy children, so its off to the kitchen!

Until next time, have a blessed day!


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