Friday, October 17, 2008

Danielle's first loose tooth....

Guess What???? Yup, you guessed it! Danielle has her very first loose tooth. We haven't had a visit from the tooth fairy yet but we think it should be sometime this weekend. We will keep everybody updated.

It is so exciting to have a first happen for Danielle these days because usually we are excited about Rylies firsts because most of Danielle's first have already happened. I guess I forgot about the first loose tooth! Silly me!! Well while I am just extatic about this I dont think Danielle is. She is absolutely terrified that she will bleed.(And she will) But we explained just a little and that it would feel better once it came out. We shall see though how it goes! Keep checking for updates!

Family update:
We are all finally healed from the illness that lingered forever it seemed. We will continue to pray for a healthy winter!! :) And as for our new life, we are adjusting well. With gentle reminders from the Lord that He is always near, our life has been somewhat pleasant. Praise God!!

Well off to start the day....until next time,

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