Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally feeling better

Good evening,
So basically I am better. I am done with my antibiotics and the cough syrup is really nasty but works so good. Enough of that. Thats crazy! You can tell I have been couped up this week.

Family update: We are all starting to feel normal again. The whirlwind of emotions has started to subside and reality has set in and we get it. We get that not very many children get this diagnosis at age 5 and also that there are not many support groups for families that suffer from this wretched disease. I am actually thinking of startinga support group for our area. I have to get my family stable first, but I think that after we do we need to reach out to other families. It's really hard to accept this diagnosis when nobody can even imagine that your child could even fit that diagnosis. So basically we are all in it alone. And that sucks! For us, we have found strength in our Father. We pray a lot. We cry a lot. We pray a lot more and we look for the blessings in the horrible situation. And believe it or not we have. They are still unfolding but as soon as we know the full extent of what they are we will be glad to share them!
(Sidenote) Some of you dont know that Kevin and I have had several miscarriages and 1 late term miscarriage(I hate this word). This month is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. Please keep us in your prayers as we mourn our loss. We recently lost one of our angels the day before our 3rd wedding anniversary in July and we are still sad about this. We love every one of our babies from conception to death and we know we will see them all one day in heaven and they will wipe all of our tears away. But until then we will queitly mourn them on October 15th at 7pm by lighting a candle for each one of them. Please feel free to do the same. Thank you!

Okay...Danielle update: She is on her way down. Unfortuantly she has been reminded of a trauma that happened when she was really little invoving firemen and since this week is fire prevention week at school she has been exposed to them all week. The therapist says that it is "stiring things up inside her" which is good in one way but not in others. We will be at the therapists office 2 times next week to battle this one. As far as her behavior though, she has done well with boundries. We have been extremely consistent with discipline and it has worked. We have a little more patience with her then before and that helps as well. (That is definitely a blessing from God). So overall she is making progress. We know that we have a long way to go, but if we can make this kind of progress in 1 month then we can make great progress over the next 6 months and hey, she might even be completely stable! YEAH!!!!!! WE are looking foward to that day.

Rylie update: A little stinker but totally worth it!!! She is everywhere! She is really starting to talk...A lot!!! It is hilarious! And she nods her head yes and no now too! She is growing up so fast! I will have to get some video of this and post that! Maybe tomorrow....until next time,

Have great night

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