Sunday, October 5, 2008

Strep throat!!???

Hello everyone!
Just thought I would let everyone know that I actually took a turn for the worst yesterday and I ended up in urgent care for 2 hours. Well come to find out I have Strep throat and Bronchitis! What!! Where in the world did I pick that up from???? I know it was the grocery cart or maybe the gas pump....either way I hate this. My house is a wreck and my children are running around like banchies destroying what they can reach. And you're probably wondering "Wheres Kevin?". He is at work! Yep. He is at work. He cant miss any work for illnesses because we have to keep his time available for Danielles episodes.(Yes, thats part of our new life. Waiting to see if Danielle will have an episode runs our daily life.) Please God, help to to be grateful for your blessings and your grace.

So anyways....while I am suppossed to be resting I am chasing Rylie, Typing this post and coughing my head off. So I know I can eliminate 2 of these thinga if I lay down so thats all for now! I will post tomorrow about how I am doing. Good night!

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