Friday, August 13, 2010

and he's off... the crawling races!! Elijah has started crawling! Thats just one thing he's been up to this month!

On the 3rd of this month Eli turned 9 MONTHS!! At his checkup he was 21lbs 6ozs and 28 1/2 inches long!! He has changed sooo much in the last few months! In the last 3 months Eli has:

Learned to crawl...

learned how to get up from his belly in to the sitting position! :)Celebrated his first 4th of July...and since I have been way to slack on taking pictures of ALL of his firsts I will just list the others...

  • flew on an airplane

  • visited California

  • started eating table food

  • pulled to standing position

That what our sweet baby boy has been up to!! Hope you enjoy!

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