Sunday, August 15, 2010


Good Sunday to you all!!

Most of you who I see or talk to IRL know we have been going to a Chiropractor for about a month now for various reasons while still seeing our primary doctors as well. We have had some very positive changes come out of visiting this chiropractor but unfortunately I am kinda at a crossroads with our decision to continue with this care....

So the first issue I have is that I have asked many many many times about the side affects and risks of chiropractic care and have received very little answers. The responses I get the most is...."its got way less risks then traditional medical care." Well ok. I get that. But in that sentence you admit there are risks and to this day you have yet to tell me what they are. Im sorry but at least when I go to my medical doctor they tell me the risks and benefits not just the benefits so I can make an informed decision about mine and my families health care

Secondly, as most of you know, Rylie has RAD. She was having a few great months of no wheezing and then within 1 week of chiropractic care she is back to square one and has been on 2 rounds of steroids, antibiotics and breathing treatments around the clock and the chiropractors response to this..."Bring her in MORE. Its better to adjust her when she is sick." UUMMm, ok but first please tell what adjusting her cervical spine is going to do with her lungs. I dont have months to wait for chiropractic care to work when I am dealing with a child who CLEARLY is not moving air in and out of her lungs properly. I also have had a naggy cough which I have been told is due to "toxins being released from my body after an adjustment". For 3 weeks I have let it go. Surprise, surprise, I have Pneumonia. HHMmm, chiropractor says take whole garlic gloves and some silver stuff with probiotics...nice. My pedi is surely not on board with this! So glad my x-ray showed multiple infiltrates in both lungs...2 weeks of taking supplements and Im super duper sick.

Now on to the good things. Danielle has had less mood swings and is doing fairly well. I can feel the bottom of my feet and have less shoulder pain then I have ever had in my life. My hips are feeling better and better and my lower back is feeling GREAT! All this after only ONE MONTH! I kinda wondering what 2, 3, 4 months holds but not at the risk of my children or myself suffering.

UGH! What do you think?? How can I still do Chiropractic care without being sick the whole time? And has anybody ever experienced side affects from their adjustments?? I am ready to call it quits with this guy! I am fired up!

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Karen Morton said...

I have been seeing a chiropractor for many years. I think it is great for hips and back and headaches. I not only see the chiro but also a massage therapist(she works at the chiro's office and is covered under our insurance) I think this is very helpful as well. However, if you are sick, the MD is the person to listen to. Do not take supplements when you are sick because you do not know if it is you being sick or the supplements making you sicker. You have to be careful with can turn you into a kidding. I would continue chiro care 2 times a month..I think you can over adjust and cause an adjustment "addiction". I also believe that the 1 hour massage(30 minutes for children) is very beneficial when getting an adjustment. It relaxes the same muscles that caused the misalignment in the 1st place.