Monday, August 16, 2010


Today Danielle went back to school! I cant believe my little girl is in the 2nd grade!!!

This morning went GREAT! I took Danielle to school this morning and walked her to her classroom! She was soooo confident and started her work like going back to school was no biggie! I think I was more nervous the she was!

This afternoon we had one mishap! She forgot to get off on her stop so I had to wave the bus driver down so that she could get off before they drove away! It was quite a sight! LOL :)

On a different note, we decided that I would home school Rylie this year and see how she did! Today was day one and she did GREAT too! Kept it to a 30 min lesson and then snuggled before nap! It was a busy but awesome day! Now I am ready to hit my pillow...zzzz

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