Thursday, August 12, 2010

Outdoor living is for the BIRDS!! ;)

While we were in California I thought it would be FUN to go camping! My 2 youngest children have NEVER been and Danielle had only been as an infant. I was so sure I could do this. Boy was I WRONG!
Maybe if we had a motor home it would be different but never, I repeat, NEVER will I go camping in a tent with zero running water(only a waterfall pool that you had to hike to) with 3 kids without my hubby again!

A few things I learned from this "camping" trip:
  1. When camping with high need children, a bug bite IS the end of their world!

  2. Camping near a cliff is absolutely the most ridiculous thing you could ever do when you have a toddler and crawling infant because the first place you will find these said children is running or crawling toward said cliff.
  3. Dirt with a side of food is not only cool with your toddler but a must for her meal!

  4. Dirt can also be used as a bug repellent according to my 3 year old! :)

  5. Wearing shoes in optional.

  6. Bathing while camping is not necessary...even if you hike a 2 mile trail each way to get to the water because you will be sweaty, dirty and sticky by the time you get back to your camp site.

  7. Flip flops are NOT hiking shoes.

  8. Camping gave me a whole bunch of opportunities to teach the kids about how awesome our God is!
  9. Do NOT let you 7 year old convince you that the raccoons that visit your camp site at night need her left overs. They will come back with "their" family and friends!

  10. S'mores are way better over an open fire when your children are in the tent sleeping!!

We did make some really great memories while we were camping. It was like being in the trenches though while we were there. My hubby is definitely a huge help to me and the camping experience was God's way of showing me this!

My baby boy getting ready for was like in the low 50 at night in Calfornia! "Bathing area"There were 14 children on this camping trip! This was the "mess" hall! :)

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