Friday, August 20, 2010

A lil' update on the kiddos...

A week has gone by since my baby girl started school and she hasn't been more happy. Of course she could do without the homework part but overall she has enjoyed her teacher, new classmates and classroom! I have to admit that I was very nervous that her teacher would not be a good fit for Danielle as her 1st grade teacher was incredible with her and set my expectations VERY high for how teacher should interact with their students. But it seems that she is very good too and I am trying to be positive and help Danielle to build a great relationship with her. Ms Elizabeth Singleton at Ladson was just soooo awesome though! I kinda wish I could teacher nap her and have her home school the girls at my! :)

For those of you who follow me on FB you know that Rylie was in the hospital this week. After reluctantly waiting over 3 weeks for results from chiropractic care for her breathing troubles and coughing, I finally took her in to our pediatrician Dr Stadalsky. We were sent right over to the hospital as her O2 sats were holding steady at 87-88%. Definitely not a good sign. While we were there we had some O2 and breathing treatments and chest-rays and CT scans(all in 1 day). She was diagnosed with pneumonia. We were sent home though due to there not being any pediatric beds. Thankfully I feel comfortable enough to administer the cocktail of meds that she is on at home and she is sounding SOOO much BETTER!!! I am VERY thankful that I listened to my own intuition and took her in!

A little Eli update...lil'man is crawling EVERYWHERE now! He has started standing and cruising around furniture. He also refuses to eat ANY baby food....homemade or store bought! He wants what we have and I think his little tummy is paying for it. He is teething....4 teeth are trying to come at once! Needless to say he isnt very happy these days. He follows me everywhere and now raises his arms up for me to pick him up. I secretly LOVE when he does this even if it means I give in and have to hold him while doing EVERYTHING!! :)

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